Information 2018/19

Welcome to the University of Huelva. Your contact person at the International Office is:  

Juan José Gómez Boullosa (

As soon as we receive your official nomination by e-mail from your Institution as Erasmus student, the Erasmus coordinator Mr. Gómez Boullosa  will contact you by email to send you and information package with application procedures, courses, deadlines, visa, healthcare, academic calendar, ...

Read carefully the following steps and guidelines:


    1. Application Form (doc) and Learning Agreement (doc) *
       BE CAREFUL: On your application form you must write your ID Card number (Passport number only if you need that), 
       it should be the number (ID card) you will use in Spain. If you change your ID/Passport or you will use a different one in Spain, please let us know.


   1. Introduction and Orientation week (1st/Annual Semester, 24th/28th September 2018)(pdf)

   2. Academic calendar 2018/19(pdf)

   3. Academic coordinators in UHU.

   4. Subjects lectured in Foreign Languages 2018/19(pdf), Minors Brochure(pdf)

   5. Oferta Académica en Español. 2017/18 (pdf)
            (Regular subjects taught in Spanish_Official Degrees)

   6. Timetables and subjects.  (English)(Español)

   7. Registration process: Matricula workshop.  (English)(Español)


   1. Visa and Medical Treatment (pdf)

   2. Student guide: English (pdf) Español (pdf) Italiano (pdf) Français (pdf)

   3. Guide to connect to the Wi-Fi
(Android ,PC, Linux)
Iphone(Mobile Config File)

   4. FactSheet 2018/19 (pdf)

   5. Accomodation.  (Español)(English)

-We do not require documents by regular post, please send them by e mail to

-Deadlines for Application and Learning agreement: First Semester: 1 July 2018 /Second semester: 30 November 2018


Registration and transcript

*Registration process will be explained at the orientation week. (September or february)

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) was developed to provide common procedures to guarantee academic recognition of studies abroad. It provides a way of measuring and comparing academic merits, and transferring them from one institution to another. Your ECTS Learning Agreement is the contract between you, your home institution and the University of Huelva about what you can study while on exchange. Non European exchange students will need to check with their home institution to find out how these credits will transfer to their home degree.

You should check that you don’t enrol for subjects that run on an annual basis if you are staying for one semester only. Students must formalise their enrolment at the International Office and fill in the Hoja de Matrícula” (Subject Registration Sheet). You will be given an appointment for registration at the International Office during orientation where you should go with a copy of your passport or identity card, evidence of health insurance or European health card and the “Changes during mobility” sheet of your  Learning Agreement (do not complete it until you have matriculated).

University of Huelva Transcripts:

  • At the end of your exchange period, all of your marks (grades) are confirmed by 20th March (1st semester) or 20th July (2nd semester) by the Faculties to the International Office. On completion of this procedure your marks are sent to your University from April for first semester results, and from August for whole year and second semester results, on a University of Huelva transcript.
  • Grades on your transcript will appear as a mark out of 10 (the University of Huelva marking system) and may need to be converted for credit transfer to your home institution.
  • The pass mark for all undergraduate modules is 5/10.
  • Courses from the Language Centre will not appear on the transcript

Before you leave

Make sure you come to the International Office the day before your departure in order to sign your Departure Certificate. We will not sign this document unless you are physically present. The date on the Departure Certificate must coincide with your actual departure date.