Prevention of banking crises in advanced economies with macroprudential and fiscal measures: Case of south Korea

Emilio Gallego Neira, Alfredo Arahuetes García


The main objective of this study is the analysis of the macroprudential and fiscal measures taken by a sample of ten advanced economies, before and after the recent international financial crisis, aiming the prevention of banking crises, as well as the economic effects on those countries with respect to the mitigation of real estate and credit bubbles. Given its particular significance, it has been analysed the case of South Korea’s experience, which shows that the extensive use of borrower-related macroprudential measures in particular has contributed to prevent the occurrence of a banking crisis episode since 1999, as it has also been confirmed with an econometric analysis.

Palabras clave

banking crises, macroprudential measures, fiscal measures, credit bubbles, real estate bubbles.

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