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"Monthly document: Fundamental testimonies of the History of Nursing” will publish, on a monthly base, a document of special value for the understanding of the development of Spanish nursing as a profession, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

"Monthly Document: Fundamental testimonies for the History of Nursing” aims to bring stakeholders closer to the rich history of the Spanish nursing profession through significant samples of its historical heritage: documents, books, buildings, paintings, medical supplies, and other materials that show the evolution of Spanish nursing from the Middle Ages to the present day.

This Portal is mainly aimed at:

- University teachers: who can use its texts for their class work.

- University students: who can get closer and easily know the historical documents kept in archives and libraries throughout the country.

- Nursing Professionals: who can appreciate the roots of their profession through these documents of great value.

- Researchers: who can value the richness of the collections kept in public and private institutions for the recovery of the History of Nursing.

- General readers: who can discover the past of a profession through the daily work of its professionals.

"Monthly Document: Fundamental testimonies for the History of Nursing” is the result of Teaching Innovation Projects by the Universities of Huelva and Sevilla in various meetings, and is included in the strategies being developed by Portalhiades for the dissemination of the History of the nursing profession. The project relies on the scientific advice provided by "Híades. Nursing History Journal", and is edited by "Qalat Chábir. Cultural Association for the Study of Humanities.

Organization of contents

"Monthly Document: Fundamental testimonies for the History of Nursing” is classified in the following sections:

1. Scanned images of the document.

2. Title, place and date.

3. Depository institution and catalogue number.

4. Physical description.

5. Significance of the document.

6. Ten key ideas for the History of Nursing. 16th century.

7. Historical context.

8. Brief chronology.

9. Transcription of the document.

10. Recommended readings.


Published Documents

  • November 2016

    Regulations and Constitutions of the Hospital del Espíritu Santo of Sevilla, year 1590. “The nurses work"