Academic Information

In the University of Huelva, you can study in Spanish or in a foreign language (mainly English). We offer you a great flexibility when choosing subjects. As International Students, you can select any course you want regardless of the Faculty, degree, year or language, provided of course, that your subjects’ choice should have been previously accepted by your home University.

  • For subjects lectured in Spanish, please check:

Oferta Académica en Español.

Oferta Académica en Español (English).

Timetables and Subjects.

  • For subjects lectured in a foreign language, please check:

Subjects lectured in foreign languages.

The University of Huelva offers 7 Minors in several fields of study. Minors are subject related groups of subjects which are organized to perfectly fit in your schedule. You can join the whole Minor or you can just select single subjects from them:

Minors Brochure.


Academic Calendar and Welcome Week

Students are expected to comply with the UHU Academic calendar. Please check it before your arrival.

Academic Calendar.

The week before the term starts, students are summoned to the UHU to attend the Welcome Week, where we will have orientation meetings and workshops as part of your arrival and integration process of the UHU. During this week, we will give detailed and comprehensive information about the UHU and Huelva, academic aspects of your mobility as well as practical and daily life tips and information. Attendance is compulsory.

 Welcome Week (2nd Sem. students).


Academic Coordinators

Academic coordinators are professors from your Faculty who will be in charge of your academic guidance, advising and answering academic questions you might have. If need academic assiatnce

Academic Coordinators.
Academic Coordinators (Non Erasmus/Exchange).


Spanish Language Courses

As International Students, we recommend you to join our Spanish Language Courses. We offer one-semester Spanish Language Courses from A1 to C1 CEFR level. You will get 6 ECTS if you successfully pass it. For further information, please check the Modern Language Service website or contact them by email:



Once in here, we will have an Obligatory Workshop in which we will explain you how to complete your ‘Matrícula’ (Registration), and how to register for Spanish Language Courses. In the above mentioned workshop, you will receive an Appointment Card for registration. You must be in the International Office on the day and time of your Card in order to formalize your Registration at the University of Huelva, bringing the following documents:

  • Photocopy of ID / Passport.
  • Photocopy of Health Card / Private Insurance.
  • Enrollment Form (Hoja de Matrícula), printed by computer.
  • Changes of Learning Agreement.
  • Appointment Card.
  • Contact Information Sheet.


Hoja de Matrícula.

Contact Information Sheet.

Registration Workshop Guide.