Estancias invitadas

Estancias invitadas

Emiliana Mangone

Associte Professor, Sociology of Culture and Communication.

Team Member 1

Universidad de Origen

University of Salerno, Italy

Perfil biográfico

Emiliana Mangone is Associated Professor of Sociology of Culture and Communication at University of Salerno (Italy), Department of Political and Communication Sciences. She is a Director of “Narratives and Social Changes-International Research Group” (2020-2026) and was Director of the International Centre for Studies and Research “Mediterranean Knowledge” (2015-2020). She recently published: Beyond the Dichotomy between Altruism and Egoism. Society, Relationship, and Responsibility, Information Age Publishing, 2020; (with G. Masullo & M. Gallego, eds), Gender and Sexuality in the Migration Trajectories. Studies between the Northern and Southern Mediterranean Shores, Information Age Publishing, 2018. For further information see her institutional personal page []

Intereses de investigación

Her main investigative interests are in the field of cultural and institutional systems, with particular attention to the social representations, relational processes, and knowledge as key elements to the human act, and in migration studies.

Realizada con

She was Visiting Professor at Centro de Investigación en Migraciones (CIM) in the period 02 May-06 June 2019 with supervising of Prof. Mar Gallego.


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